The Clash of the Titans - AMD's R600 preview
Author: Vedran Dakic
Date: 22 Apr 2007

At the very dawn of R600 launch, we grabbed all of our info and decided to do one nice tech preview of this next-cool-thing-soon-to-hit-the-streets, with the info we gathered so far from partners and already-published stuff. We feel that this particular launch could have a huge impact on AMD/ATi's future as well as on the market and customers, and that overall technology vs drivers vs support vs price thing just might help AMD and ATi out of this giant hole they put themselves into - from users and partners perspective, of course. We might argue in technology, as well, but then again, that's yet to be seen. Very soon, if we might add. Let's start by discussing the previous generation of ATi, now Graphics Division of AMD - products, and take it from there.

With R580, ATi decided to put some "difference in opinion" from NVIDIA within the very basic thing - technology. R580 has 48 Shaders and 16 pixel pipelines, unlike NVIDIA's G70 (7800GTX), that had 24 Texture memory units and 16 ROPs (in theory, three textures per clock). Later on, G71 came out with 32 pixels per clock, 32 physical pipelines and 16 ROPs(7900GT and GTX). So, the way these companies went to the market is pretty different - NVIDIA went for the raw pixels, while ATi went more for the more "per pixel" operations. Feel free to check out the table for all of the specs. We're pretty sure that you still remember the "limited" availability of 7800GTX 512, a product that was replaced with 7900GTX.

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