Exposed: Crossfire without a Master/Slave card combo!
Author: Josip Brombauer
Date: 16 Nov 2006

ATI's (or should we say AMD?s) Crossfire multi-GPU technology has been having a tough time competing with Nvidia's SLI solution. Although Crossfire itself works more or less as advertised, the fact that you need to have a special master card in order to get it to operate, and the fact that actually getting a that master card is near to impossible makes it inferior to Nvidia's SLI. Even though some Crossfire configurations worked without master card before (let's say - midrange products), this is the first time that high-end cards can do the same - work in "software" Crossfire mode.

We have just received a Catalyst driver based on the 6.11 version that is supposed to eliminate the need for a master card, effectively enabling Crossfire with two regular graphics cards. We?ve put it to the test on our Conroe 975X setup with two ASUS EAX1950XTX cards, and guess what ? it works! We will publish more detailed review of the possibilities and performance benefits this new driver brings to the table later on today, but for now feast your eyes on these screenshots and preliminary results of Crossfire in action. At last, things are starting to heat up in the multi-GPU world?

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