Zotac 9600GT DP & ASUS 9600GT Matrix review
Author: Luka Rakamaric
Date: 24 Sep 2008

Today we are taking a look at two cards from NVIDIA's very successful x600 line, started way back with the 6600GT and followed by 7600GT. Their successor, the 8600GT(S), however, did not get a very good market reception, simply because the advantage it brought over the previous generation was pretty small. Instead of doubling the performance, the 8600GT and GTS were only about 15% and 35% faster than 7600GT, respectively. So, NVIDIA needed a new contender and it came in the form of 9600 GT, the card which is roughly what 8600 was supposed to be. The two models we have before us today are both equipped with HDMI ports and are, as such, suitable for Home Theater PC use.

The 9600GT is built around the G94 GPU core, and has 64 stream processors, which finally sit on a 256 bit bus.  That ensures a massive increase in memory throughput, the same as the previous generation’s top models. The GPU is built using a 65 nm TSMC production process, so the 505 million transistors won’t produce too much heat. The core clock is 650 MHz on the reference board.

Power consumption of the board approaches 90 W, which is more than PCI-E slot allows, so there’s an additional connector on the back of the card. The 8600GT was able to fit into the 75W limit, but the 8600GTS was not.

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