OCZ Enyo 128GB review
Author: Vedran Dakic
Date: 13 Dec 2010

SSD's have been somewhat of a niche that we've been testing a lot in the past year or so. They've also become a „standard“ thought for many users looking for some additional performance from their computers, be it laptops or desktops, or even netbooks. But so far, our articles have been focused more on the „in the box“ solutions that you can use in your computer, as opposed to external solutions that you can bring on the road. So, let's „correct“ this „wrongdoing“ and take you through the world of OCZ Enyo, incredible external SSD from OCZ.

First – some technical details. This is an external SSD with USB 2.0/3.0 compatibility, Indillinx-based, so this gives us some general expectations about its performance. Being equipped with all sorts of computers ranging from PCs with Windows to Macs and laptops for both of these platforms, we decided to make a brief pit-stop on OS X to check how this thing works by using CalDigit's Expresscard USB 3.0 controller. As you're aware, Macs still don't have built-in native USB 3.0 support which we wanted to check. This way, we were able to confirm that it works just as well with OSX as it does with Windows.

Also, on Windows platform, we decided to give it a spin on laptop and desktop PC, and had pretty similar results on both. It all fell within the 1-2% performance difference which we consider to be close enough for scores to be unified. But we need to give you a fair warning – all of the results were done by using OCZ's Enyo driver, not the regular USB Mass Storage driver for Windows. The difference in performance was just too big and since you can download the driver from OCZ website, we saw no reason in testing it with generic Windows driver offering less performance.

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