OCZ Enyo 128GB review - Intro, pg.2
Author: Vedran Dakic
Date: 13 Dec 2010

Second stop – packaging and product pictures. Let's take a look at some pictures:

Packaging is just superb, and everything from colors to shape and size has obviously been carefully thought of. In terms of the product itself, it looks like it was designed in Apple's hidden design laboratory, with the silver color and whatnot. Looks can be a subjective thing to comment, but we'd say this one is right about perfect. The only thing that's a bit problematic for me is the cable. I had the same problem with OCZ's first modular PSU's (ModStream) – the cable is just a bit too stiff, and to make matters a bit more complicated, it's also pretty long. We appericiate the thought of having a nice and quality cable, but this one might be a bit too much. Also, the cable is designed with a proprietary connector on Enyo and contains both power and USB connection on the device. This might be a problem if you lose the cable. We dislike proprietary things like these on principle, but we also understand the thought of having everything bundled to one cable. So we consider this one to be ok.

The test machine was our pretty much standard one (with Windows 64-bit Ultimate):
- Intel Core i7 920
- Gigabyte's GA-X58A-UD9
- 2x2GB OCZ Blade PC3-16000 memory
- Dell 30“ screen
- WD RaptorX drive

Let's check the scores.

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