OCZ Vertex 3 240GB review
Author: Vedran Dakic
Date: 28 Jul 2011

Having had the pleasure of testing both Vertex 1 and 2 and owning one myself, I was "all smiley" when I received news from OCZ that a Vertex 3 sample is on the way. It looked very promising from the beginning actually - up to 550MB/s performance and loads of other things just grabs your attention from the very first day you learn about the product. And now, after a couple of weeks of day-to-night testing, it's time to produce some words and results. So, stay tuned and let's see what Vertex 3 can do.

New Vertex 3 is based around the latest Sandforce controller which by itself might or might not mean much. What does mean a lot is this - Sandforce's controllers are really high-performing and after months and months of using them, I've pretty much got only commendations for Sandforce-based drives. Both in terms of price-performance ratio, and raw performance itself. And they've been technology of my choice so far. Now, in all honesty, OCZ did buy Indilinx a while ago. This probably happened as OCZ wants to be more in the SSD space - although, technology-wise, they've been pushing really hard to be the "driver" of the SSD arena. But in the long run, they would probably want to have their own technology to be independent of others. Of course, battle with flash industry giants like Micron or Intel will take a lot more effort and we wonder what they'll do about that. Start producing their own flash, probably...

Let's take a look at some pictures and then move on:

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