OCZ Z-drive review
Author: Vedran Dakic
Date: 06 Mar 2009

We've been using SSD's for quite awhile now, and have seen them gone from being super-expensive and not really worth it to a point where they became something of a "usual" thing that greatly enhances overall computer using experience. Yes, the fastest ones are still way out of reach for an average user, but still, if nothing else, when you mention the abbreviation "SSD" in general public, people do tend to raise an eyebrow and become very interested in what you have to say. Considering the amount of readers that were interested in our Vertex article, we decided to do one more round but using a product that's yet to be released. So, consider this as a weekend-gift for all of the SSD-loving people because, trust me, this will make your eyes bleed...

Yesterday, we had the honor and privilege to actually test this insane new product from OCZ called Z-Drive. Now I'm not talking about taking a screenshot or two and calling that "article", I'm talking about hours of work and trying to extract the maximum possible performance out of a device that's just... insane. That's the word that's the best possible description really. Can you imagine having transfer rates in the >900MB/s region, more then 700MB/s sustained average reads and writes over 600MB/s by using any kind of storage-technology just l ike that? Yeah, it took me awhile to figure some stuff out but right now... There you go.

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