Three-way OCZ SSD shootout
Author: Vedran Dakic
Date: 25 Mar 2012

Since its introduction, SSD's have been a very hot topic. Offering vast improvements over regular hard drives in terms of performance, be it read or write performance. We also saw quite a few hybrid solutions – varying from Seagate Momentus XT to OCZ's Synapse, every product being good in its own right. But overall, if you take a look at the current state of IT market, there's just one  that's moving forward really fast – SSD's.  Today, we have some  solutions from OCZ so – let's see how did they do on our tests.

OCZ's Revodrive series is the "hard drive" that still pops to mind when you think about SSD technology development. This isn't an enterprise-class product in the sense that you're gonna use it in a datacenter (there are other products for that part of the market), but you could/should definitely use it on a workstation. The term "workstation" has a bit wider meaning in our usage model – it can be a CAD workstation, or a music workstation, or a video-editing workstation, or just plain old workstation for advanced user. Personally, I use a bit of everything - a bit of CAD, a lot of music editing, some music editing and a lot of other IT-related stuff, varying from virtualization to databases. And some of these solutions fit nicely for that usage model.

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