Three-way OCZ SSD shootout - OCZ Revodrive Hybrid
Author: Vedran Dakic
Date: 25 Mar 2012

But let's take it from the top - today, we have three products on test - Revodrive Hybrid, Revodrive 2 X3 and OCZ's Synapse, which is a caching-only SSD. We ran them through a standard battery of benchmarks, varying from AS SSD to PCMark, but always kept one eye on real-world performance, which is what SSD's are all about. And that's the first thing that you actually notice when you use products like these three - their performance.

Revodrive Hybrid is a nice piece of engineering work - a SATA hard drive stuck on a PCI-Express SATA controller with SSD built-in on the card. It's actually a two-layer card, with the regulard hard drive on the second "layer", hanging upside down in a normal case. Considering the fact that these 2.5" drives are built to sustain considerable G forces and put up with quite a bit of abuse, I don't see it as a problem per se. Aside from the fact that it's a necessity (as you simply couldn't mount it any other way), it's also a pretty standard way of doing things today. It actually looks kind of cool like that, as well. You don't have to trust me on that one, so a couple of pictures are in order:

Specifications are pretty damn good for a hybrid product - up to 910MB/s read, up to 810MB/s write, with average write 65k IOPS and max 4k read IOPS stuck at 120k. So, I really had high expectations from this one, especially in the "price meets performance" category. We found it floating below $300, which is kind of awesome and very much a good consideration if you're looking for a new drive that offers huge performance, very good capacity for a price that's not sky-high.

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