Gigabyte GA-MA69G-S3H review
Author: Vedran Dakic
Date: 20 Aug 2007

Ever since AMD came out with the 690g chipset at the beginning of the year we've been slowly playing with it in the background from time to time, as evidenced here and here. As evidenced by our tests, Intel's 965G stood up very well in the test of time apart from the VGA tests - as expected. Gigabyte decided to treat us with a newer 690G motherboard called GA-MA69G-S3H, so we decided to update our previous charts with new results to see how and if the 690G evolved in any way. So, let's give it a decent shot...

In a typical Gigabyte box you get the usual - motherboard, some CD's (for Vista and XP), two Serial ATA cables, PATA and floppy cable, and, ofcourse, a metal backplate. The color scheme on this motherboard is also a rather interesting one. Orange details - plastic around the CPU socket, PCI-Express x8 and four Serial ATA connectors. Yellow - two memory slots, onboard USB connectors. Red - two memory slots, S/PDIF IO. Green - Parallel ATA , FP Audio and TV-Out connector. Oh yes, I forgot to mention the fact that the plastic around the CPU socket is a different shade of orange when compared to others. It's just a bit more - orange. With all of these colors, we have to announce our pet-name for this motherboard - we call it the "Picasso Edition". There's just so many colors, shapes and stuff there that it seemed impossible not to give it a code name... Much like the MSI Roller-Coaster Edition (P35 Platinum) motherboard..

This motherboard also has a HDMI connector, and you also get a HDMI-to-DVI converter in case you want to connect a HDMI cable. Apart from that, you can freely use a VGA connector on the motherboard. You can use up to ten USB ports, up to three FireWire connectors (one on the back panel, two onboard). ATX connector is the usual 24-pin, but the CPU connector is 4-pin, which we don't see all that often anymore. Back to CPU socket - he plastic is rotated by 90 degrees and there's a whole bunch of capacitors right next to the socket. Actually, there are bunches of capacitors just about everywhere, including positions inbetween all of the PCI-E/PCI slots. Amazing.

Network connection duties have been given to Realtek RTL8110 Gigabit Ethernet chip, and audio chip is Realtek ALC889A, capable of delivering up to 7.1 sound. The rest of connectors on the back panel are pretty much usual stuff - 2xPS/2, VGA, Parallel, 4xUSB 2.0. Pretty much everything you'll need. It would be nice to have a TV-out bracket, as well, but it wasn't in the box so we guess that's down to "accessories" thing...

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