Gigabyte 890GPA-UD3H review - Conclusion
Author: Vedran Dakic
Date: 13 Jul 2010

Gigabyte's GA-890GPA-UD3H is - to put it in simple terms - an awesome choice for any kind of multimedia usage (HTPC), as it offers good enough performance for DVD/Blu-Ray playback without any problems. Also, if you're into basic gaming, you will be happy with it, too. In this respect, it's absolutely better then Intel Core i5 built-in VGA solutions, as you might expect. It's also super-competitive in terms of pricing, so you might wanna think of this motherboard as a perfect base for a "normal" PC. By "normal", we mean "we don't do heavy gaming at crazy resolutions and image quality settings" and "cold, quiet and superb multimedia performance" thing.

When looked through price/performance perspective, it's clear that it deserves our Value for Money award. Congrats to Gigabyte team, very good product.

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