Samsung R780 review
Author: Vedran Dakic
Date: 07 Feb 2011

It's been awhile – but we finally got a Samsung laptop in our hands. This time, it's a very nice-looking R780, a Core i5-based laptop with 17.3“ screen so – this thing is not small, by any means. But having in mind that we've tested quite a few laptops over the past couple of months (results to be posted very soon) – we were pretty eager to see what this red thingy can do. Let's find out.

As we said, it's not small – 17.3“ (1600x900 16x9 resolution), so – this is a desktop-replacement class notebook. First thing that you notice when you take it out of the box is the fact that its surface is really, really smooth. Of course, this is a subjective thing but – we tend to like laptops that are a bit less smooth as they're less prone to being dirty – fingers, moving around, pretty much everything leaves a mark. It's quite easy to wipe everything from it though and it comes with a feat as well – its design is really, really nice. A bit wave-shaped sample is really nice to see and refreshing.

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