FSP Group Zen 400 review
Author: Vedran Dakic
Date: 10 Aug 2007

While the most of IT-review.net team is practicing "I'm doing nothing besides eating drinking sleeping and staring at the Sun" thing to perfection on our beautiful Adriatic see, I was pretty much amazed to see that this year IT companies just don't have a vacation. Three doorbells, two visits to local UPS office and there we go - 7 motherboards, three power supplies, two kits of DDR3-memory and a lot of small things to add. So, let's start by playing around with - Fortron Zen 400.

Very simple packaging hides a pretty heavy power supply which is expected - it's passive, remember? In the box you get everything you need - PSU, screws, cables, owner's manual. Nothing really missing. You get a FSP sticker and this is what competition includes with PSU more and more often. I wasn't about to connect 8800GTX and some insane PC to this PSU so I went moderate - 8600GTS, two hard drives, DVD-RW, EVGA 680i SLI, Intel Core 2 Duo E6400, 2x1GB of OCZ Platinum PC2-8000 memory.

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