OCZ CoreXstream 500W review - Testing, cont'd
Author: Vedran Dakic
Date: 06 Sep 2012

Second stop - let's see what it's like noise-wise. We compared it to a couple of our all-time most-abused PSUs - PC Power and Cooling TurboCool 1kW, OCZ ModXstream Pro and Coolermaster's eXtreme Power Plus 650W. With our testbed (Gigabyte X79-UD3, Core i7 3930K, 2x4GB OCZ FlexXLC PC3-16000, mixed with NVIDIA GTX580 and GTX480), it started producing some audible levels of noise when we cranked it up to play some games. With a more "normal" system based on Core i5 650 and 650 Ti - we barely registered a sound. Which is really odd for a PSU that costs some 50EUR (not available in the US, according to OCZ website). This unit has a nice and silent 12cm cooler and this thing does its job properly.

It doesn't heat much, as well, which is also kind of surprising. Yes, it will heat up if you push it to the limits, but which PSU won't? And in terms of stability, current/voltage readouts tell us that all major rail (12V, 5V, 3V) go around to +/- 0.09, 0,05 and 0,06V, which is very good. No complaints here.

We actually tried to make it crash and burn, just to see how it will cope. With some slight modifications as this is not ment to be a PSU for server or workstation (in terms of cables and connectivity, available power wasn't the problem), it happily ran a workstation with two 130W Opterons and one NVIDIA Quadro 4000. We were hugely impressed by that. It did heat up and cooler was becoming audible, but still, worked without a single problem.

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