AC Ryan Playon!HD2 and Playon!HD2 mini review
Author: Vedran Dakic
Date: 17 Dec 2011

Media players are….. complicated things. They claim they can put heaven and earth on your display (be it a TV set, LCD, plasma, whatever), but often something just doesn't work. Or they have some other annoying habit, like - you have to upgrade the firmware via USB flash drive, not via Internet. Or they just overheat, or their remote controller is … a complete opposite of the term "ergonomic". With so many of them floating around the market, it's difficult to find something that just… works.

Basic idea behind a media player is simple - it needs to be able to play back anything that you throw at it - DVD (internally or externally), any kind of audio or video file (on internal or external hard drive, USB stick). The reality of that is somewhat different as there's a number of obstacles on the way to playback perfection. It's a question of hardware and software integration, testing, and, sometimes - just plain luck.

In terms of bundle, PlayOn's are stuffed with all of the necessary goodies - HDMI cable, remote control with batteries, composite a/v cable. Everything you need to connect them to any kind of device. Also, PlayOn! HD2 has USB3.0 connection (with USB3.0 cable in the bundle, as well!), and additional component cable. So you won't really find anything lacking there.

A couple of pictures:

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