Motif XS7 review
Author: Vedran Dakic
Date: 21 Jan 2007

The latest addition to Yamaha's Motif series, the XS6, XS7 and XS8 were just announced on the Winter Namm in Anaheim. I took a couple hours off from "business-as-usual" on NAMM (translation - six to nine meetings per day) and monopolized the XS7 for a couple of hours. This is a machine that should be pretty comparable to Korg's new M3 that was also announced a couple of days ago. How does the XS series compare to M3?
Visitors of this year's NAMM show in Anaheim could see for themselves what happens around here when you try to change things - there were a bunch of activists in front of the Mariott's hotel protesting about some things that are "in works" in the lobby or something. To enter Yamaha's hall, you have to walk through a long hallway with a bunch of speakers playing music so you don't get bored walking, I guess. But apart from that, everything's pretty much normal at Yamaha.

One of the products that were just announced is the latest addition to the Motif line of products, the Motif XS with three models - XS6, XS7 and XS8. As usual, the number 6 means 61-key model, 7 means 76-key model, and 8 means 88-key model. Judging by the technology, price range and everything involved, this should be Yamaha's "racing horse"against the "new Triton", Korg's M3. Just to be clear on the subject, the suggested retail prices should be as following - $2700, $3600 and $3999 for the XS6, XS7 and XS8 respectfully. On Yamaha's booth, there was a sign saying that the XS7 actually costs $3539 so - take this info with a bit of salt. Over at Korg's booth, I heard something about the 61-key M3's price being around $2699. So let's see how these two things compare.

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