MSI 55nm N295GTX and N285GTX graphic card series
Author: Hrvoje Jakovac
Date: 13 Jan 2009

MSI proudly unveils its latest N295GTX and 285GTX graphic card series; the MSI N295GTX-M2D1792 is an SLI capable design with optimized dual-GPUs-in-one-card. MSI N295GTX series consist of two latest 55nm GeForce™ GTX 200 GPUs with a 480 stream processing core and 896-bit memory bandwidth, providing averagely 50% performance enhancement over GeForce™ GTX 280 in a real game benchmark. MSI N295GTX and N285GTX graphic card series are exclusively bundled with the game “Rainbow Six Vegas 2”, which scored an 8.2 on the well known gaming website

MSI N285GTX OC version
In addition to the standard N295GTX and N285GTX graphic cards, MSI introduces a N285GTX-T2D1G-OC version, which GPU is overclocked to 680MHz, Shader to 1476 MHz and the memory overclocked to 2500 MHz.

The most powerful single GPU
MSI single GPU N285GTX series is an MSI graphics card based on 55nm GPU. It has a 189W board power consumption which is 20% less power draw compared to 65nm GeForce™ GTX 280’s (236W). With a 20% net performance increase in benchmark environment, the MSI N285GTX series bring you more without straining your pocket. Additionally, 3 MSI N285GTX series graphic cards can run in 3-way NVIDIA SLI® mode on the new NVIDIA nForce® 780i and 790i motherboards, enabling 50-100% more performance increase over a single GPU.

Play on multiple monitors
MSI N295GTX and MSI N285GTX series support Quad SLI and 3-way SLI mode and work seamlessly and solidly with the latest MSI X58 motherboards. MSI N295GTX graphic card enable users to apply an optimal dual screen 3D display. The user can now play up-close action on one monitor while deciding the strategy on the other monitor or experience full-screen multi-GPU gaming performance on one monitor, while keeping tabs on Instant Messenger and email on the other.

You do not only benefit from the latest GPU-accelerated NVIDIA® PhysX™ gaming effects with MSI N295GTX and MSI N285GTX series. You will also benefit from the improved features like Stereoscopic 3D gaming, transcoding HD videos to a portable video player and fast image processing using Adobe® CS4.