New cards on AMD's sky - HD2900 Pro and HD2900GT
Author: Vedran Dakic
Date: 10 Aug 2007

According to more then a few news reports from our very well-known frends in the past couple of days (check here, here and here), AMD's HD2900 roadmap has "grown" a couple of nice addons. At first, we all knew that there's gonna be a 512MB GDDR-3 and 1GB GDDR-4 version of the XT card (there were rumours that more models were planned but we've yet to see that happen).

What the latest roadmap show are two new cards - HD2900 Pro and 2900GT, not only HD2900 Pro, like some reports said. The Pro version of the card should have 320 stream processing units, 512MB of memory with 256-bit memory interface and around 150W TDP. The GT version will have 256MB of memory, 256-bit memory interface and 240 stream procesing units (!). Both of the cards should fit in the 8500+ and 7000+ 3dMark 2006 range. We're still checking about the price and while we're doing that, you can check the slideware...

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