OCZ showcases new HydroJet cooler at Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany - updated!
Author: Vedran Dakic
Date: 22 Aug 2007

It seems that things are cookin' up at the Games Convention in Leipzig and becoming smokin' hot, CPU-cooler-wise. But, of course, we wouldn't really want any CPU's to overheat while being forced to run well above any sane overclocked settings. At OCZ's booth, OCZ Technology group will showcase a working HydroJet CPU cooler - live demo. This device that we first heard-of at CeBIT is capable of doing a very serious job of dissipating up to 400W of heat away from the CPU.

Tests of OCZ's HydroJet CPU cooler solution featuring WayCool technology, combined with OnScreen's patent pending carbon block heat transfer medium, demonstrate the successful management of the thermal energy from a 400W heat source. Apparently, OCZ ran their test block to its maximum output of 400W and the HydroJet maintained the chip below operational norms throughout the entire test period. In contrast, OCZ compared the HydroJet to a leading CPU cooling device that had to be shut down within moments of reaching 400W, when the chip temperature exceeded 105 degrees Celsius.

In addition to its ability to handle more than 400W of energy, OnScreen's unique, internal fan design allows the HydroJet to run as much as 35 times quieter than any solution currently available on the market. The fully self contained, hermetically sealed liquid cooling device combines the efficiency of liquid cooling with the safety and convenience of air cooling.

Rarely there are devices that we've been expecting to come for so long - the only exception being one other device from OCZ that we'll talk about soon. But this should be among the best available cooling solutions on the market and if our initial pricing info is correct, it will also be widely popular as-is, without "overdriving" your CPU to the outer limits of the known space. This is the latest picture of the device we have and we know that some things changed but we'll get back with more info soon. Make sure that you check out "Pictures"...

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